‘Doctor Strange 2’ VFX Artist Confirms Savage Land Easter Egg

doctor strange 2 savage land

While Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness kept its word by exploring the multiverse, surprisingly, it held back quite a bit. The main story mainly focused on two dimensions, but we still got a short little romp through the multiverse after Strange catches up with America Chavez. we got a lot of teases of dimensions that we can only speculate on what exactly they mean. Luckily, VFX artist Alexis Wajsbrot of Framestore VFX offered an insight.

In the interview with Variety, he not only confirms that Kevin Feige actively supported the VFX teams in creating the different dimensions, which they were given complete freedom to explore whatever they could think of. As they pitched their ideas, it turn out that the Marvel Studios CEO was the one that had the idea to include the Savage Lands, the brief second when we see the dinosaur in the multiverse travel.

One was an Incan statue world, which ended up in the movie because Kevin Feige thought, ‘Well, that could be a great world to put the Living Tribunal in.’ So that world became the Living Tribunal world. We proposed a jungle and Kevin Feige said, ‘Well, it could be cool if it was Savage World.’ It’s a world that exists in the Marvel Universe, so we had to add dinosaurs.  We had to model and texture and render and animate dinosaurs for two seconds, which is extremely not cost-efficient.

Alexis Wajsbrot

It definitely was something that comic fans were excited to see, especially as many were wondering when we might actually see it get added at some point to the MCU. It’s been quite the experience to see the many Easter eggs that were included and who knows if we may get a chance to revisit them in a future entry.

Source: Variety

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