Taika Waititi Currently Not Involved With ‘Thor 5’

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Taika Waititi offered his unique sense of humor to reinvent the character of Thor just as Chris Hemsworth hinted that perhaps he was slowly done with the character. Yet, there was some backlash with the release of Thor: Love and Thunder given that it fully embraced its Flash Gordon inspiration and offered a full-on comedy even for Marvel Studios’ usual comedic standards.

So, there’s been a big push for someone else to take over the franchise, as it’s also the only one from the original Phase 1 hero still going on with his own franchise. While we still don’t know if they are actively working on a sequel, it does seem like Taika Waititi isn’t likely to be part of if, as he reacts to rumors of a fifth entry.

I wouldn’t know if that’s accurate. I know that I won’t be involved…I’m going to concentrate on these other films that I’ve signed on for.

Taika Waititi

He goes on to state that he’s already signed up for the next six or seven years, such as the Star Wars film he’s still busy working on that he states is “still marinating.” Yet, he also shares that he loved working with Marvel Studios and if he doesn’t return for Thor there might be another project for him.

So that’s six, seven years gone. I’d imagine another ‘Thor’ would be a lot sooner than that…But I love Marvel, I love working with them. I love Chris.

Taika Waititi

It’ll be interesting to see what the future holds for Thor, as we don’t know when we might see him return or even what role he might have in the future of the franchise. As he’s become a father, he might be off somewhere in space trying to raise his daughter Love and won’t return until the right pieces fall into place.

Source: Variety

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