New ‘She-Hulk’ Ad Teases Daredevil Team-Up

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We’ve known since the second trailer that Charlie Cox will once again wear the iconic outfit from the Netflix series with some yellow additions in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law. Yet, it hasn’t been made clear just how he might factor into the story. There’s a chance that he and Walters are going after the same case, which leads to their superhero alter-egos also getting into contact. Now, a new trailer has been spotted with new footage making the rounds.

While the actual trailer hasn’t been released yet, it does seem to include the various quotes from the quite positive reviews for the Disney+ series. That’s not all, as it even includes a new bit of footage that teases that after meeting each other, daredevil and She-Hulk are very likely going to team up. The funny aspect is that the word “Comedy” is pulling a Mike Wazowksi on Daredevil, as most of him are covered by it.

Check out the image as shared by @SheHulkSource here:

The full trailer has now also been shared, which you can check out here:

There’s a bit of funny irony that after many worried Daredevil wouldn’t be serious enough, the latest ad just hides him behind the word “comedy.” Of course, the first episode confirmed that while it has a comedic take, it still will have its serious and more sincere moments. Plus, Cox is no stranger to making the funny or off-hand remarks as Matt Murdock. So, here’s hoping the wait isn’t too long until he shows up.

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