‘The Batman’ Cast Listing Hints at Barry Keoghan’s Mysterious Role

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It was back in 2020 when Warner Bros. and DC brought the very first DC Fandome event to screens all around the world, highlighting anything and everything DC Comics. The Batman took center stage at this event with the very first trailer. It was during Fandome that we found out Eternals Barry Keoghan had joined the film. Yet there was no word on who he might end up playing. It looks like a new casting list may have added some weight to a rumor going around on who he might be playing.

If you want to go into The Batman spoiler-free, then please do not continue.

When he was first added to the cast, he was listed as Stanley Merkel, a GCPD officer. It seemed like a surprisingly small role for the well-established actor. It wasn’t until the rumors started making the rounds that there is more to Keoghan‘s role. A new cast listing for the film has appeared and the actor is included in a new role simply known as “Unseen Arkham Prisoner”. The fact he would play an “unseen” character further makes you wonder who he might be playing.

Now, there’s more to this listing that may further add to who he might be playing. Mike Marino, who did the prosthetic work for The Penguin is also listed as doing work for Keoghan‘s character, which would be weird considering he’s listed as unseen. Why go through the work to design his look if you’re not going to use it on screen.

Recent rumors have swirled suggesting that he is actually playing the Joker, who has already been locked away by this new version of Batman. They could be lifting elements from The Killing Joke when early in his career, the Caped Crusader stopped the Red Hood gang at Ace Chemicals with their red herring falling into a vat of chemicals. That person turned out to be the Joker.

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