‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ Concept Art Offers Best Look Yet at the Film’s Final Suit

spider man no way home final suit

Ryan Meinerding, who is the Creative Director and Head of Visual Development at Marvel Studios, took to his Instagram account to share a full look at the final costume worn by Tom Holland‘s Peter Parker in the final moments of the film. After leaving the Stark-designed costumes behind, his new costume was homemade but still took in some inspirations from not only his original costume but also the ones that Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield wore.

The design still looks fantastic, especially how it embraces the original red-and-blue that made the character iconic. While personally, the blue material stuck out a bit during the sequence, you can clearly see the inspiration and why they went in that direction. It is a shame that the films are moving away from the unique Spidey symbol they had throughout the initial trilogy, but it makes sense that he wants to rebrand after leaving everything behind.

AS the costume is handmade by Peter Parker, we shouldn’t expect as many neat gimmicks in future entries. He’ll likely have to build whatever he needs to take on specific villains, but we’re still waiting for any clear news of what the future has in store for the character. Kevin Feige did hint that we’ll get a fourth entry in the franchise, but it’s still a question of time for when that might be.

Source: Instagram

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