REVIEW: ‘The Last Possession’

The Last Possession is a well-made indie horror film that shows promise for all talent involved, namely the writer and director.

Every now and then, there manages to be that one indie horror film that surprises. The Last Possession appears to be just that; on the surface, it seems like the everyday horror, one that relies on sounds and quick glances to scare. And sure, that is true to an extent, it still manages to produce an impressive ending that is impressively terrifying. However, The Last Possession takes unexpected risks that craft an interesting horror story.

When The Last Possession begins, we meet a young family that is in the midst of moving. The two parents and their children are unpacking their boxes and moving into the house left to the husband following his father’s death. It’s the pretty standard opening for a horror flick, especially a B-horror title such as this one. There’s an uncertainty among the four family members, with the son questioning why he was left the house and the kids trying to make the new place feel like home.

The film stars Stephen Brodie as Kent, Cassie Shea Watson as his wife Stephanie and Sawyer Bell and Lourelle Jensen as their children, Jack and Gabby. The foursome are relative newbies, all with minor credits to their names, for the most part. While all manage to successfully capture the sense of a family on edge and questioning the unknown, the kids manage to be the standouts — especially Bell’s Jack.

As for the cinematography and soundtrack, both are admittedly a bit underwhelming, but they do serve their purpose in crafting the environment. It’s just that neither are memorable once the credits roll, which is a bit unfortunate. Especially as the final scene in the movie allowed for some great moments on both.

Director Dan Riddle does a good job helping to bring life to Greg Shouse‘s screenplay. This marks the first full-length feature for both, and it’s clear if given the chance, both parties can craft something magical. One can only hope Hollywood gives them more chances to tell their stories.

The Last Possession is a thrilling little horror movie that is sure to leave viewers on the edge of their seats.

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