‘The Batman’ is HBO Max’s Most-Watched DC Film in its First Week

the batman hbo max

The Batman has seemingly set a new record for HBO Max when it joined the service back on April 18th. In its first week, Samba TV has analyzed that 4.1M households have watched the film. What makes this stand out is that it beat out many of the day-to-date releases from last year. It now has outpaced other recent DC releases The Suicide Squad (3.5M) and Wonder Woman 1984 (3.2M). Not only that, but it has also outpaced The Matrix Resurrections (3.2M) and Dune (2.3M) but still takes second place as Mortal Kombat remains at the top with 4.3M.

Even in comparison to the original release, the film has managed to pass Zack Snyder’s Justice League, which managed to pull in 2.2M US households in its first week. It’s a big showcase of the new model, as not only did the film pull in $754M worldwide but became the service’s second most streamed film. It’ll be interesting to see if future releases will also enjoy a similar trend with the 45-day release window.

Though, we have to keep in mind that this data is from an external analyst. They don’t include mobile views. So, the numbers could be quite a bit different and the placements may be different, but we’ll never know until the streaming services ever release the full numbers. Still, it offers us some insight into how these projects are performing and what may or may not break these newer models that are still going to dominate the market moving forward.

Source: Deadline, Box Office Mojo

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