‘The Batman’ Logo and Teaser Poster Revealed

Told you the build-up to DC FanDome is going to be crazy. In a week filled with teases and rumors, we probably got something we didn’t expect this early. Director Matt Reeves took to Twitter to offer us our first look at The Batman logo with a key visual showing Jim Lee‘s rendition of the full Batman suit.

This looks amazing. Love the unique aspect of using red for the visuals. It symbolizes a lot and might also be a tease for the potential of an R-rating. We’ve had so many distinctive versions of Batman that this color will make this incarnation stand out. Especially if you compare it to the more yellow or gray versions that came before. The Bat logo is also part of the naming, which is a great touch. We know that the new version is the gun that killed his parents. So, it’s very appropriate to highlight in the logo. It feels like this logo highlights how ingrained it is with why Batman is who he is in this story.

That key visual is beautiful. Amazing artwork as always by Jim Lee. It showcases how much detail is in this new suit and cannot wait to get a closer look at it in live-action. Plus, we do get a bit of Gotham that seems to dive a bit more into its Gothic origins. The Dark Knight Trilogy focused more on a realistic depiction of the city in the modern age. This feels like a combination of the that, the original comics, Batman 1989 and elements from Arkham games. Hopefully, the city’s own mythology will play a major role within the story as we explore this new version of the dark knight. I cannot wait to see what else they have in store for us at DC FanDome.

Source: Twitter

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