REPORT: ‘What If’ Will Introduce an Unlikely Alliance in a Killmonger-Focused Episode

what if killmonger

Some time ago, the first merchandise found its way into stores from the upcoming Marvel Studios’ series What If. On it, we saw that Michael B. Jordan‘s Erik Killmonger will appear and might even have a larger role in one of the upcoming episodes of the studio’s first venture into animation. Now, Illumiinerdi is reporting that the character will work alongside Tony Stark. So, there might be something that shifts his motivation to leave his ambitions of taking over Wakanda behind and instead go international. As they point out, the character does have some things in common, such as both being former MIT students. It’s uncertain if this storyline has some kind of connection to Tony’s trip to Sakaar, which leaked through a LEGO set some time ago.

Illuminerdi has not offered any details regarding what we can expect from the episode. They also didn’t discuss if he might potentially take on a heroic role, or will return to a more villainous path at one point. The series is currently set to premiere in the summer, but they are still playing coy on when exactly. Currently, all eyes are on Disney+’s venture into the multiverse through Loki, which will build up into What If and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Hopefully, we might get a trailer in the coming weeks that might give us a glimpse at Killmonger’s storyline and how he might end up working alongside Stark.

Source: Illuminerdi

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