New ‘Loki’ Funko Pops Feature A Pair of Your Favorite TVA Employees

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It has become a weekly occurrence to see some brand new merchandise from Funko for the latest Disney+ series since Wandavision. It allows them to showcase characters that made their debut in that week’s episode, especially if they were surprise appearances. So far, we’ve gotten Funkos for Pietro Maximoff, Billy, Tommy, White Vision, and even Sam Wilson as Captain America. We were excited to see what Loki might offer, as it’ll introduce us to different Variants of our favorite heroes throughout its runtime.

It looks like the weekly tradition continues, as Funko has unveiled two more Pop Vinyl figures from the Loki line. This wave includes the TVA’s Ravonna Rennslayer and B-15. If you look closer, the figures have a few curious details like Rennslayers tiny Miss Minutes, who sadly didn’t cut a figure of her own. Another fun detail that many may have missed in the show is the markings on B-15’s helmet. The Tallys possibly keeping track of just how many variants she has zapped from the time stream during her time at the TVA, she gets the job done.

With the series reaching its halfway mark next week it’ll be interesting to see what reveals come next and hopefully get to see a figure of our latest big reveal, Sylvie in an upcoming wave from Funko. Marvel Studios Loki is currently streaming on Disney+ with the first two episodes streaming now.

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