Leaked ‘WHAT IF…?” Lego Set Teases New Iron Man Armor…with a Sakarrian Twist

Over the past year, it seems that it’s become more common for our first look at Marvel Studios characters and properties to come via toy leaks. Whether it be Marvel Legends, Funkos or, as is the case here, Legos, fans have been able to glean quite a bit of info about upcoming MCU projects. Now, thanks to IG user 1414falconfan, we have a look at an interesting twist that would seem to be from an episode of Marvel Studios first animated streaming series, What If…?

The series, which begins streaming this August, is set to take fans on a trip throughout the multiverse where key moments in MCU history turned out just a bit different. While we can’t confirm that this Lego set is based on an episode of What If…?  (if any of the upcoming series could provide an opportunity to expand the toy line beyond what we see on the screen, it’s What If…?) it’s undoubtedly one of the cooler concepts we’ve seen from the series to date. The set seems to follow what would happen if Tony Stark, rather than Hulk, had been stranded on Sakaar.

The set, Tony Stark’s Skaarian Iron Man, shows what is clearly a Transformer’s inspired Iron Man suit built by Stark from the rubble heaps of Sakaar. In addition to the incredibly cool new Iron Man armor, the new set includes Tony Stark, Valkyrie and Uatu figures and seems to show off some artwork from other What If…? episodes on the box.

As the debut of the series draws near, we’ve already learned quite a bit about which characters will feature in the series from concept art and merchandise. Should this set be based on the series, this story line would join Captain Carter, Party Thor, evil Doctor Strange, zombie Cap, apocalypse Ultron, Gamora and Killmonger as other potential episodes. Fans are anxiously awaiting a new trailer from the series but we’ve got plenty of info to go on already and it looks like this series will deliver the goods.

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