Unannounced Superhero Game Canceled by 2K, Will Cost the Company $53M

superhero canceled

It looks like a secret superhero online game was recently scrapped by Take-Two’s 2K. Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier revealed that a game developed by Hangar 13 was recently canceled and in an earnings statement it would end UPC posting the company around $53M for ending its development. It’s not uncommon for games to get canceled at some point in development, but was in development under the code-name Volt.

In his report, he points out it went through many versions, but the number of reboots, technological issues, and COVID-related issues led to its eventual cancelation. It started development back in 2017. It’s uncertain if the “superhero” aspect was something added later down the line, or even got replaced eventually throughout production. The gaming studio Hangar 13 is currently preparing to tackle its next project.

Superhero games are all the rage right now, especially as Marvel starts expanding with more and more developers. There’s no mention of a license being involved with this one. So, it might actually be a brand new IP that was going to bounce off the trend. As it’s not uncommon, it’ll be interesting to see

Source: Bloomberg

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