‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ Gets Earlier Release Date in India

thor love and thunder early

It looks like India is getting Thor: Love and Thunder. little earlier than the rest of the world, as the official Twitter account has shared a new visual alongside the confirmation that the film is going to release on July 7th, a day earlier. In a way, it’s the perfect Thorsday gift for those that have been anticipating the next major entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

For some time, Europe received MCU films almost a week earlier but that practice has gone down as of late. Nowadays, they are eyeing a worldwide release around the same time, but that isn’t always given, such as Japan famously getting releases a little later. You can check out the official tweet confirming the early release date here:

It’s certainly a nice touch and we’ll see if other countries may also get an earlier release to celebrate the latest MCU entry. There’s a lot of banking on Love and Thunder, as it’s the first fourth entry in any franchise under the MCU banner. Not only that, but Taika Waititi has promised the film will be quite a bit different to offer something a bit more romantic, as they continue to explore new genres and diversify their portfolio while testing out the waters in Phase 4.

Source: Twitter

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