Todd Phillips Signs on to Co-Write Potential ‘Joker’ Sequel

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Joker was one of DC’s and WB’s most unique projects, as it dived deep into the psyche of a man who’d been beaten down and forgotten by the people around him. The film was a smashing success after bringing in over a billion dollars in its total box-office haul on a budget of just $55M. Not only was it a financial success, but the film also made headlines being the first to score the most nominations for one film at the Oscars and taking home two awards for best score and best actor. With success like that, it seemed like a viable path to continue down. It looks like we might get just that.

There have been countless rumors surrounding the project for some time now, and it was previously uncertain if the franchise would remain a one-time event. Just a few weeks ago, The Hollywood Reporter announced that the studio was still developing a sequel but no other word was given on the status of the project. It’s now being reported by THR that writer/director Todd Phillips has signed onto return to co-write the potential sequel but no word if he’ll be jumping back into the director’s chair.

While it seems like the sequel is still in very early phases, it could show us what Gotham is like post-Joker’s riot. Towards the end of the film, we see the city in flames, as masked citizens ran rampant through the streets. Our titular character got taken into custody as he smiled upon the movement that he started. The potential next entry could explore multiple characters’ stories as they take on the clown’s ideals. Perhaps there is more than just one Joker after all.

Source: THR


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