DC Searching For its Own Feige After Discovery Merger

Since Man of Steel, the DC Extended Universe has been trying to build a universe around some of its most beloved characters. Certain issues have seen aspects of the DCEU cast astray, resulting in some creative roadblocks that have resulted in certain characters seemingly getting lost along the road. The recent Discovery merger has seen new heads at the combined company eager to overhaul the DC Cinematic Universe.

A new report from Variety suggests that, following ther Warner Bros Discovery merger, top leadership at the newly formed company is looking to overhaul the DC Entertainment branch. David Zaslav and company are reportedly looking for someone with a business background and less of a creative mind to maintain the many branches of DC Entertainment. The studio wants the films to be much more aligned, similar to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The new leadership is unhappy with how many important characters within the DCEU, such as Superman, have been shelved with no plans to return in the future. The studio also believes that more films like Joker should be explored.

This decision could impact future development plans for projects as the studio attempts to rework and better streamline the DC Cinematic Universe. They also believe that DC must be more present in the gaming industry, as a way to push the brand to its fullest potential. Projects over the last couple of years have been significantly improving under the leadership of Walter Hamada, who took over following Geoff Johns and Jon Begs stepped down. Hamada is still under contract with Warner Brothers Discovery to lead DC films until 2023, and could play a vital role in what Zaslav aims to do with the future of DC.

Fans have been vocal about their distaste for the absence of many of their favorite characters within the film universe and worried about what the Justice League may look like in future appearences. Hopefully, whatever Zaslav and company have in store for the future of DC is able to please both sides and unite the fanbase.

SOURCE: Variety

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