Tom Cruise and Paramount Execs Clash Over ‘Mission Impossible 7’

mission impossible 7 delays

Mission Impossible 7 and its sequel are still in active development, as both were postponed at the beginning of the year. Ever since many fans have been wondering why such a seasoned team is running into issues. Of course, COVID-19 protocols, environment hazards, and political events can be looked at as the obvious answers, it seems there may be more than meets the eye. According to reports, Tom Cruise lawyered up due to Paramount’s new release strategies for their films and shows, as they rolled out their new streaming service alongside an ever-growing budget due to COVID constraints and a changing development.

The movie was originally filmed in Northern Italy, which got impacted hard during the early stages of the pandemic, with Tom Cruise contracting the virus. To add to the issues, Paramount+ is expected to get films 45 days after their theater debut, half of what the Hollywood norm is. As a result, the film’s star has reportedly gotten his lawyers involved due to the change. The argument is apparently on hold until MI:7 finished production, which has seemingly been purposefully been pushed out as they started work on the eighth entry.

Add in the countless other issues like the film’s multiple shutdowns over COVID-19 infections, needing to move shooting locations multiple times, dealing with an insurance company due to those moves, and an inflating budget, MI:7 just can’t seem to catch a break. Hopefully, the dispute over the film’s runtime and budget are resolved and we get to see the film hit its new targeted release date, but we may need to wait three months to stream the movie because of it.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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