Tom Hiddleston’s German Voice Actor Working on an Upcoming Marvel Movie

It looks like Loki might be making his return in an upcoming Marvel Studios film according to Hiddleston’s German voice actor.
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Marvel Studios is a worldwide phenomenon and has been translated into many different languages. Sometimes, the dub actors also end up teasing some upcoming projects, such as the current case with Peter Lontzek, who is known for voicing Tom Hiddleston throughout his Marvel journey. While referencing he recently worked on the Loki series, he also ends the short interview with another German voice actor by confirming that he is currently working on a secret Marvel film. He doesn’t give away any details, but the translation is as follows:

There is a new Marvel film that I am currently working on that I am not allowed to talk about.

Peter Lontzek

He confirms that whatever project it is, he is currently working on it, which does help pin down what film he is talking about. July will see the release of Thor: Love and Thunder but given the storyline of the Disney+ series, it seems more likely that the secret project he is working on is the film that’s eyeing a release in a little over a month. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness seems like the most logical option, especially with rumors making the rounds early on that he might make an appearance in the project.

It would be fun to see the TVA confront Strange, as he keeps getting captured by different multiverse-based organizations as a running gag throughout. It would also open the possibility of Kang the Conqueror making his appearance in the project. Perhaps, the events of this film will lead into the second season of the TVA-focused Disney+ series. The confirmation of him working on a project does add some excitement on what the future might have in store for the God of Mischief.

Source: TikTok

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