Uche Agada on How He Got the Role of Giannis Antetokounmpo in ‘Rise’

giannis antetokounmpo actor

It’s not an easy task when an actor has to now only bring a performance to life but also based on someone that really existed. So, imagine if that person is still alive and you have to take on the role of one of the NBA all-stars Giannis Antetkounmpo. Well, that task landed in the hands of Uche Agada who shared his story during the Disney+ film’s press conference.

The young actor revealed that this was his first role, and it was him sending in a video after he saw that Giannis shared a link to getting cast in his Disney+ film. Somehow, he ended up getting the callback and would eventually get the role. Not only that, but

And for me, I was never an actor prior to this, so this was very weird for me. So, when it said callback with a director of a movie, in my mind, I’m like, yo, that’s crazy. But I did that callback and did another callback. And eventually, they told me I got the part, which is absolutely incredible.

Uche Agada

He also reveals that he would be asked a rather curious question, as a “couple of weeks later, they asked me if I had any siblings” which would lead to his real-life brother, Ral Agada getting cast as Athanasios Antetkounmpo in the Disney+ film. He even revealed that they had the brothers to have a chemistry read.

So, I go on the court, put in some clips, and then they asked me to do a chemistry read with my brother. I’m like, “Hm, all right.” ‘Cause he is my brother. It shouldn’t be hard to act like that.

Ral Agada

It definitely sounded like an interesting experience and it’s a nice touch to have actual brothers portray the two main characters of the film. It seems that it didn’t take long after he sent in some clips that they were called up to film the film during the summer. They even got to film on location in Greece, as revealed by Ral Agada. It’s crazy to think what a random Instagram post can lead to.

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