Vin Diesel Started Recording His Groot Lines for an Upcoming MCU Project

vin diesel groot

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 is currently busy filming, as James Gunn returns to finish the trilogy he started back in 2014. The story will see the ragtag team continue on their quest after whatever may happen between them and Thor in Thor: Love and Thunder. We still don’t know what the future has in store for this intergalactic team, but we know we’ll be getting a lot more of Groot. Vin Diesel has shared his excitement on exactly that as he shared a video on his Instagram as he returns to record voicing the character.

Curiously, he didn’t confirm what project this recording is for, as there are currently four projects that we can expect to see Groot return. The before-mentioned Love and Thunder, the animated I Am Groot Disney+ series, the third Guardians film, and its Holiday Special. It wouldn’t be surprising if he is recording all the projects in one sitting, especially as the next Thor entry won’t release until July. Plus, the animated series is confirmed to release this year.

It’s sweet he is sharing the video not only highlighting that he started recording for the character, but also giving a shoutout to his history of recording the voices of characters that say very little, like his time on The Iron Giant. It’s strange to think that he ended up tackling a similar role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which still opens up the possibility for him to join a project in a different capacity at some point in the future. Yet, it’s hard to beat just how iconic he made Groot since he first appeared in 2014.

Source: Instagram

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