Warner Bros. Discovery No Longer Developing Scripted Programming for TBS and TNT

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The moment Warner Bros. Discovery was finalized, we expected quite a few changes from their usual business. Yet, this might be quite the big change removing forward, as they are no longer developing scripted programming for TBS and TNT moving forward. CEO David Zaslav promises that they will save $3 billion in costs with the merger. As such, these cable channels will no longer produce any scripted shows moving forward but it’s unclear what exactly will happen to the productions.

To be fair, TNT and TBS have already dialed down their productions over the last few years. So, this seems like it was potentially in the cards all along. Discovery’s merger was just the perfect timing to fully move into this development. Currently, TBS’ remaining shows include Miracle Workers, The Last OG, Chad, and American Dad. It seems that shows that are already renewed will remain, but it’s unclear if renewals beyond that will move these shows to other productions, as American Dad was renewed for two seasons back in 2021.

TNT only has two shows left which are Animal Kingdom and Snowpiercer. The former has already eyeing an end with its upcoming sixth season this year in June while the latter was just renewed for a fourth ahead of its Season 3 premiere. The new team forming around Warner Bros. Discovery has not been mincing any words on past business decisions and teased that “2022 will undoubtedly be a messy year.”

Source: Variety

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