‘X-Men ’97’ Head Writer On Keeping the Spirit of the Original Series Alive

xmen 97 original

While most of our focus remains on the many live-action projects from Marvel Studios, we also have some exciting animated offerings on the horizon. While we know very little about the Marvel Zombies adaptation, the X-Men ’97 adaptation is quite exciting for those that grew up with the original animated series from the 90s. Adapting such a cult classic, head writer Beau DeMayo and his team have quite the challenge ahead of them.

In an interview with The Direct’s Russ Milheim, the series head writer talked about their approach to bringing the original to life while also talking about what elements they want to carry over from the original. The core of the potential lies in “honoring that earnestness” and keeping the emotional core of that original story.

And so I think the challenge to me was honoring that earnestness, that emotional sincerity in the show where it wasn’t just about the big bad of the day. That was almost, in some cases, an afterthought. It was really about the relationship of this found family, and how they cared about each other and had disagreements. And I always just come back whenever we’re talking in the writer’s room, or we’re talking to the directors, it’s just like, we have to have earnest emotion in every scene. Cause I really do think that was the secret sauce to the original series.

Beau DeMayo

He goes on to highlight that they aren’t approaching the project to “improve” upon the original. Rather, they have a simple message that truly reflects what the X-Men have always stood for in the comics.

And so, it is more a question of, what does that show look like knowing what we know now? And how it looks like, in today’s world, with everything that has changed, and everything that hasn’t changed, sadly—in our world.

Beau DeMayo

It certainly sounds like the team is definitely sticking to what made the original so iconic. So, we’ll get more than just the iconic opening but the same heart that made the original so memorable. With most of the cast also returning, it does add that special feeling once we get our first look at what this animated continuation has to offer.

Source: The Direct

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