First CinemaCon Footage Description of Sony’s ‘Kraven the Hunter’ Finds its Way Online

kraven the hunter footage

It looks like Sony did have something special for visitors of CinemaCon, as Sean O’Connel shared some details on footage that was shown from their upcoming Spider-Man spinoff film, Kraven the Hunter. Even though it just recently started production it seems they already had a little teaser ready for visitors. He shared it on his @WGreatPowerBook Twitter profile on a book covering Sony’s adaptations of the franchise.

In his Twitter post, he highlights that it was a rather brief sizzle real showing Aaron Taylor-Johnson hanging on to a car, which was first revealed in leaked set photos not too long ago. It seems that they also showed the new logo, but he seems to believe they might release something online. For now, we’ll have to wait and see if that’ll get released.

We’ll see if they actually will share anything from the project online, but it seems too early to tease anything. The only thing they might do is share the first logo for the project, similar to getting the Spider-Man: Beyond the Spider-Verse logo after they retitled the project. Still, it seems they are certainly moving full force with the project.

Kraven the Hunter is quite an interesting project, as it’s unclear how exactly they are building up their anti-Spider-Man team out of Morbius‘ post-credit sequence. He very likely won’t have a role in this film. So, it makes you wonder how they are trying to set up an anti-hero version of the Sinister Six that is still out to take down the webhead.

Source: Twitter

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