Wesley Snipes Wrote Two Unused ‘Blade 4’ Scripts 

Marvel Studios will soon reboot the Blade franchise with Oscar winner Mahershala Ali in the lead role, but former star Wesley Snipes has revealed he never stopped trying to continue his original series of films. The actor’s portrayal of the Vampire Hunter spanned three movies, from 1998 to 2004, and is widely regarded as one of the most iconic character adaptations of all time. Unfortunately, the third installment in the trilogy, Blade: Trinity, failed to land with critics or audiences and ultimately resulted in the end of Snipes’ time as the legendary Daywalker.

Multiple attempts were made over the years to bring Blade back for another cinematic outing, with Snipes in the role, but nothing ever came to fruition. Speaking with Comic Book, the actor let slip that he and his team had actually written two complete, possible scripts for a potential Blade 4 that never came to be:

We actually wrote two scripts. We have two versions of a story that would’ve fit well into the Blade world. But since we didn’t go that route and we didn’t have the knock on the door again, we tweaked them and now we use them for something else. So I got two Blade killers.

Wesley Snipes

When asked if either of these ideas involved crossing over with other Marvel characters, Snipes stated he couldn’t recall that being the case. He elaborated that the scripts were created without the help of Marvel, and that he never pitched them to big boss Kevin Feige before the studio decided to start over with Ali. Although, the comment about the ideas being reused for other projects is an interesting one. It begs the question of just how vampire-centric the films were going to be, considering Snipes doesn’t have any new vampire movies currently announced on the docket.

Source: Comic Book

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