Elle Callahan Set to Write and Direct Adaptation of Graphic Novel ‘Hotell’

Filmmaker Elle Callahan is officially slated to direct the film adaptation of the graphic novel Hotell by author John Lees and illustrated by Dalibor Talajic. She will also work to adapt the book into a screenplay with Anthony Ruff. The film is currently in development with AWA (Artists, Writers, & Artisans) Studios. In a quote provided to Deadline, Callahan discussed looking forward to bringing the graphic to the silver screen.

I’m very excited to be working with AWA to adapt John Lees’ terrifying graphic novel Hotell. I aim to tell stories that push the horror genre in new directions – and my plan for this piece involves a very unique approach to the storytelling. This horror will feel all too relatable, and no doubt keep you up at night.

Elle Callahan

In addition, author John Lees discussed his excitement over his graphic novel being adapted for film.

Hotell has been such a fun, rewarding comic to work on with Dalibor, Lee, Sal and the AWA team. The setting of Pierrot Courts works as a canvas within which you can tell all kinds of different horror stories, from the harrowing to the blackly comic, and introduce all manner of different characters. It’s also a world ripe for new interpretations, and I’m so excited to see how Elle Callahan will bring our haunted hotel to the world of film.

John Lees

Hotell is set at the mysterious Pierrot Courts Hotel, a location not found on any maps despite its access via Route 66. The story is home to a plethora of mysterious characters and the dark aesthetic has the potential to translate well into a film adaptation. It will certainly be interesting to follow what direction this film takes and learn more about the creative team behind it.

Source: Deadline

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