‘What If…?’ Director Bryan Andrews Updates Season 3 Release Plans

Following the Season 2 finale of What If…? on Disney Plus on December 30th, Marvel released a “Look Into the Future” feature for the third season of the animated series. Though no release date for the new season was given, the feature ended with the promise that the new season was “coming soon.” Soon is, of course, relative and with all the changes behind the scenes at Marvel Studios following Bob Iger’s return as CEO of Disney, release dates have never been more uncertain than they are now. In an interview with Comic Book’s Phase Zero podcast, What If…? director and executive producer Bryan Andrews echoed that sentiment while discussing the potential timeline for the release of Season 3.

While working hard to make no promises he couldn’t keep, Andrews revealed that the best fans could hope for is a late-2024 debut of What If…? Season 3. “They move stuff around,said Andrews of Marvel Studios. Every time I thought it was like, ‘Oh, it’s going to be this!’ It’s like, ‘It’s going to move a little bit!’ So, even I would hate to say something and have people’s hopes come up and then have them be dashed because of the beast of production and when things move around,” he explained. “I thought that it could come out at the end of the year in 2024 possibly, but that would be tight. There’s some other group of people that are masterminding when things [release] and they’re moving things on the board, and I don’t know where we exist on that at this moment.”

So while it’s entirely possible that Marvel Studios rolls What If…? out in 2024, it was not listed on the slate sent out to press in late 2023. However, as Andrews explained, the slate is only the slate until it isn’t and fans should start getting used to the idea that dance.

Source: Phase Zero

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