New ‘Deadpool 3’ BTS Photo May Tease the Return to a Major ‘Logan’ Location

As Marvel Studios’ only 2024 film, the currently untitled Deadpool movie will certainly garner a significant amount of attention. With the July 26th release date just over 6 months away, production on the film has seemingly wrapped and fans are anticipating the first look at the film will come during Super Bowl LVIII. While there have been plenty of spoilery set photos, there are likely still plenty of surprises still in store for the audience, though star Ryan Reynolds may have just given another one away.

In a recent Instagram story, Reynolds shared a black and white photo of a pair of chairs from the film’s set. The chairs, with the names Logan and Wade Wilson on them, are set in front of a corn field that looks like every other corn field…but they may just give away a key plot point from the film.

Given that his character died in 2018’s Logan, Hugh Jackman’s return to the role immediately generated speculation that Deadpool 3 would end up retconning the events of the film in someway and it’s possible this new photo has revealed when and where. In Logan, Logan, Laura and Charles find themselves guests at the home of Will Munson, a corn farmer in Oklahoma City. It was at the Munson farm where the Logan clone, X-24, found the trio and fatally wounded Charles and killed the entire Munson family.

Given all the plot rumors that state Wade will pluck Logan from the Logan timeline for their adventure in the Deadpool threequel, it seems VERY likely that this might be the point in time from which he plucks him. It’ll be interesting to see when Wade chooses to become an interloper as on one hand, he could pop up, kill X-24 and save Charles Xavier and the Munson family while on the other hand, he could take Logan after the damage has been done, leaving Laura to fend for herself.

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