Marvel Studios Delayed ‘The Marvels’ to Give it More Time in Post-Production

the marvels delay

After the harsher criticism has hit Marvel Studios’ latest release of Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, the sudden move for The Marvels from a July release all the way back to November had many wondering if there’s a correlation. Perhaps Marvel Studios knew they needed to give the project more time and it was too late to push back Quantumania back as well, as it already started its marketing cycle; something that could’ve become quite expensive to restart at a later point.

While we’ll never truly know what reason Marvel Studios has for delaying projects, there have been hints that they are taking a step back after the rush of projects released right after the pandemic delayed everything for a year. So, ever since they’ve been playing catch-up and had the Disney+ pressure set upon them by Bob Chapek‘s reign. Now, Bob Iger returned and we’ll likely see a more familiar Marvel Studios moving forward after a more experimental season.

In a new report by The Wrap, they share that the delay for The Marvels was to give it more time in post-production, at least according to their studio insiders. It’s a surprising move as it will compete directly with Disney’s 100th-anniversary film Wish, a scare that also happened last year with the underperforming Strange World against Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. Though some believe these projects won’t face a similar fate.

Still, if this report is true we’ll likely see more time windows for post-production moving forward for Marvel Studios’ productions. The thing that many might not have noticed is that non of the 2024 releases have started production. They are set to start in a few months and all films from this year filmed during 2021. So, we may see a return to normal as all productions up to this point also had to film during COVIDs high season.

Source: The Wrap

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