Will Smith Returns to ‘I Am Legend’ With Michael B. Jordan Joining Sequel

I am legend sequel

In a surprise move, it looks like Warner Bros. is set to revive the I Am Legend franchise. A new film, acting as a sequel to Will Smith’s 2007 original, is in development with the actor signed on to return. In another shocking development, Michael B. Jordan will star in the film alongside Smith, with both acting as producers on the project. Akiva Goldsman, who wrote the first film, will also return for the second installment.

As you can expect, there’s no word on what the story might explore or how it even ties into the initial storyline. The film was quite the departure from the original novel, especially with the depiction of its core “monsters who were more zombie-like while they were vampires. It’s also unsure how it’ll explore the tie difference since the release of the original back in 2007, which was directed by Francis Lawrence.

Currently, no director is attached to the project and it’s unclear how far the script might already be. There’s not a lot more to explore from Richard Matheson‘s book, and the film can unshackle itself from those expectations. So, we’ll see if more details follow once they also add more to the cast – if at all. For now, it’s great to hear that this classic franchise is making a return and we’ll see how they tackle the future once it releases.

Source: Deadline

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