‘Wynonna Earp’ Sets Out for Vengeance at Tubi

‘Wynonna Earp’ might’ve been canceled in 2021 at SyFy, but the series is getting a new special thanks to Tubi.

Wynonna Earp is back and seeking vengeance. It was announced on Thursday that Wynonna Earp is set to return for a special thanks to Tubi. The special, which is titled Wynonna Earp: Vengeance, will be 90-minutes long and hails from the show’s creator, Emily Andras. Melanie Scrofano will return as the titular character alongside Tim Rozon (Doc Holliday), Dom Provost-Chalkley (Waverly Earp) and Katherine Barrell (Nicole Haught). The 90-minute special is set to be directed by Paolo Barzman.

Per Vanity Fair, the special will take place shortly after the series finale, allowing fans to see where their favorite characters are at now. “Doc and Wynonna have been on an adventure, and Waverly and Nicole have been at home in [the Earp hometown of] Purgatory, doing their thing. I think it’s going to be really interesting to see, hopefully, what gets everybody home—maybe facing a challenge they’ve never faced before, something pretty intense,” Andras teased. “It’s all your favorite—hopefully—character moments, but also a little bit about growing up and sort of, like, being who you are now and earning all your choices.”

While the special is a continuation of the SyFy series, Andras feels it’s newbie friendly. In fact, she hopes it’ll serve as a “gateway drug,” allowing audiences to discover the cult-favorite series which is streaming on Netflix in the US. Wynonna Earp: Vengeance, is one of the few original scripted projects to land at Tubi. It joins The Nevers, the Joss Whedon series that aired the first half of its lone season on HBO.

Based on comic book characters crated by Beau Smith, Wynonna Earp first debuted on SyFy in 2016 and ran for four seasons before being canceled in 2021. A fifth season of the series had originally been ordered but never came to fruition. It is worth noting the fourth season had issues behind-the-scenes, with struggles to secure funding from producers IDW Entertainment. Syfy ended up putting up funds to ensure the fourth season was completed, but the network was unable to help produce a fifth season.

As of now, the special doesn’t yet have an air date.

Source: Vanity Fair

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