5 Avengers Too Wack for the MCU

Once upon a time, it was hard to imagine characters such as Wonder Man, Jack Russell and Man-Thing could exist in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Sure, all the characters are outlandish, dare I say comic book-ish, for one reason or another, but Marvel Studios has moved beyond the core group of Avengers and into the depths of the roster where some of their most

Doctor Druid

Marvel Studios toned down the weirdness of Doctor Strange’s adventures quite a bit in translating the Sorcerer Supreme from page to screen. But believe it or not, there’s another master of the mystic arts who has had even weirder adventures in the pages of the Marvel Comics: Doctor Anthony Druid. Doctor Druid actually predates Strange, having been created in 1961 and like Strange he sought out the Ancient One and learned some magic.

It’s not so much that Druid himself is too wack for the MCU, though he does lean a bit too heavily into hypnosis sometimes; it’s more that the majority of his adventures in the pages of the comics took him to some locations that probably won’t end up being a bit part of the MCU. Trips to Deviant Lemuria, Weirdworld and Atlantis or all on his resume. He’s a little more occult than what we’ve seen in the MCU so far and though he has been an Avenger in the comics, it’s hard to imagine him holding down a spot on the roster in the future.

Jack of Hearts

Of all the characters on this list, the thought of Jack not ever making his way into the MCU is the one that’s toughest to take. The character first appeared in Deadly Hands of Kung Fu #22 after having been teased in previous issues. A human-alien hybrid, Jack’s powers came as the result of being exposed to an experimental fuel source, Zero Fluid, created by his father during an attack on his laboratory by the evil corporation known as…The Corporation.

Even though Jack’s alien mother’s homeworld of Contraxia is already an established location within the MCU after having been visited in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Jack is a tough character to imagine adapting to the screen, at least in any recognizable way. His origin story’s connections to an alternative fuel source would fit right into the modern world and the MCU, but his powerset would make him one of the most powerful characters in the shared universe. And then there’s his look. It’s an absolutely fabulous comic book design that just wouldn’t carry over to the big screen. So what is Jack of Hearts without his trademark look and his “my cells are full so I’m going to explode” timer always at risk of going off? He’s not Jack of Hearts, whatever he is. Too strong and too wack for the MCU.


Nearly everything about Sentry sets up for a surefire blockbuster tentpole superhero flick, other than one key piece of his backstory: nobody within the Marvel universe remembers who he is. The origins of Robert Reynolds’ transformation into Sentry fit right into a key piece of the foundations of the MCU: the Super Soldier Serum. However, it’s not quite the fairy tale story of Steven Rogers. Methhead Roberty Reynolds broke into a lab and got into some serum that granted him the power of “a million exploding suns.” He went on to become one of Earth’s mightiest and most beloved heroes until The Void, an entity that bonded with Reynolds, took over and created chaos. With the help of a few of Earth’s heroes, including Doctor Strange, things were fixed up and the entire world, including Reynolds, forgot the Sentry ever existed.

The reality of adapting Sentry to the MCU is that he’s simply too powerful to exist despite the fact that he would fit right into the modern MCU and the future. One of the great things about the character in the comics has been the exploration of how a character with his power could exist within society. He’s also a wonderful case study in mental health. They might adapt him for a film (there are rumors even now that he’s going to be the villain in Thunderbolts), but the TRUE Sentry, at the end of the day, however, he’s simply too wack to become a great character in the MCU. Enjoy him in the comics because that’s about as good as it’ll ever get.


Maria de Guadalupe Santiago’s backstory is probably as wack as any character in the Marvel Universe. Maria’s father held a deep belief in the old gods of Central America, specifically putting a significant amount of stock into the tales of the Volcano goddess, Peliali. After disappearing into the jungle for some time, Maria’s father came back with baby Maria, who he claimed was the daughter of Peliali. You can sort of compare Maria to DC’s Beast Boy in that she can change into a number of different animals, all native to Central America, of course. Over the years, she’s been an anaconda, a cheetah, a crocodile and…a sloth. Her powers manfiested uncontrollably when she was young and, after her father died, she found herself in an orphanage run by Catholic nuns who were none too happy to have a pagan werekid running around. Fortunately for Maria, Iron Man’s butler Edwin Jarvis saw a commercial for the orphanage, sponsored her and somehow she eventually ended up in America and became an Avenger.

Thor, Black Panther and Moon Knight have already introduced different pantheons of gods to the MCU, so it wouldn’t be out of the question to have the Incan gods join them. However, it’s unlikely the Avengers are going to take on an abundance of werepeople. It’s also hard to imagine a non-mutant shapeshifter joining the team, especially one that, at first glance, looks like Gene Simmons. Silverclaw has never been a popular character (she has not been seen in the comics for a decade or so) and might be a touch to wack to find her way on an MCU-based Avengers team anytime soon.


On one hand, if Jack Russell can exist in the MCU, Tigra can, too. Jack is a werewolf. Tigra is kind of like a werewolf, except she transforms into a cat…and wears a bikini. Greer Nelson has been an Avenger and a West Coast Avenger, a team that seems like it’s destined for the MCU sooner rather than later. She’s been an instructor at the Avengers Academy. She has some really great stories and has had important relationships with a lot of big players in the MCU, including Moon Knight. However, while a version of Grant Nelson/Tigra might bound into the MCU, it’s really hard to see where the tiger-striped, bikini-clad version fits in. At one point in time, the character was supposed to share the stage with Dazzler in an animated series for Hulu but, unfortunately, that never came to fruition. That may have been the best shot the weretiger had at the spotlight.

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