‘Stargirl’ May Have Just Set Up Its Big Bad for Season 3

stargirl season 3

The third season of Stargirl just recently began production after scoring an early renewal ahead of its second season premiere. Since, we’ve seen the return of Eclipso, who has abused the Justice Society of America’s member’s insecurities and fears to slowly break them. While the JSA is still struggling to take down their current threat, it seems that the most recent episode may have given us a bit of hint as to who next season’s big bad could be, and its even more obscure than their previous foes.

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Courtney and Pat set off to find Jenny, the daughter of the Green Lantern. Their travel leads them to Civic City, the home of the first Justice Society of Amerca headquarters. There they found papers leading them to the Helix Institue among her things, which is a youth rehabilitation facility located. Jenny seemingly set out to find her brother Todd there. The name already might have some DC fan’s attention but it’ll get cemented when head nurse, Louise Love, calls Mister Bones to inform him that Todd has a sister, and she came looking for him.

Mister Bones is one of six children raised by Benjamin Love, who secretly injected pregnant women with a serum that would genetically alter their children. They would become Penny Dreadful, Kritter, Baby Boom, Tao Jones, Arak Wind-Walker, and the previously mentioned leader. Together they would form a supervillain group known as Helix. There’s also the story that seemingly seems abandoned in Stargirl is Yolanda’s origin, whose mother was one of Benjamin Loves test subjects.

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It does seem that the team could see a bit of a revamp, as they were originally foes of Infinity Inc, a young group of heroes that are basically Stargirls current JSA. Mister Bones could be running the show alongside Louise Love, and testing on and maybe even recruiting young metahumans for a new and reimagined Helix. We shouldn’t expect Stargirl to revisit Helix this season, as they’ve got their hands full enough with Eclipso. Yet, this would leave Jennifer’s quest to find her brother unfinished, and save it for next season as Helix will definitely seemed to take an interest in her.

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