Pedro Pascal, Bella Ramsey, and Anna Torv Spotted in New ‘The Last of Us’ Set Video

the last of us set

We’ve gotten quite a few teases of The Last of Us set throughout the last few weeks. The HBO team has gone to a lot of lengths to bring the post-apocalypse world together that perfectly reflects the original game series. After various set photos of overgrown vehicles hitting the web, we finally got a video that offers our first look at the series cast filming. The photos are from the same location and feature Pedro Pascal‘s Joel, Bella Ramsey‘s Ellie, and Anna Torv‘s Tess. Twitter user @KeiraNystrom shared the video shot in Edmonton.

The same user also shared a set photo that gives us a better look at the main cast in some very familiar costumes. They went all out to bring their game designs to live-action and seeing them surrounded by a post-apocalypse seems quite fitting.

Curiously, the first official picture we got from the pair featured these two in the same outfit. It’s unclear where exactly this takes place but our first look didn’t feature Tess, who’s an important character in the earlier part of the original game. Her inclusion also highlights that this set might indeed be used for their short travel through Boston in the game. So far, the only thing we haven’t seen yet are the fungal-possessed zombies. They usually don’t stick around during daylight. As such, they’ll utilize this fact to keep them for indoor shots while also saving their budget to make the effects look better in the darker interiors.

Source: Twitter, Instagram

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