Joe Russo Talks Rumored New Marvel Studios Deal and ScarJo Lawsuit

The COVID-19 pandemic not only saw the upheaval of our everyday lives but also big industries like Hollywood. There’s no better example of the change the industry is going through than Scarlett Johansson‘s recent lawsuit against Disney, which she filed in light of Black Widow premiering on Disney+.

While that lawsuit has since been resolved, it wasn’t without impact. A new deal between the Russos and Marvel Studios reported by the Wall Street Journal was allegedly put on hold due to the then-worrying circumstances of the lawsuit. In an interview with Variety, Joe Russo addressed that alleged deal, hinting that the sibling directors may still be in talks with Marvel studios:

It would be inappropriate for us to comment on a deal if we were in the middle of it.

Russo also addressed the lawsuit itself and shared his thoughts on the current state of the film industry.

I’m glad that the lawsuit’s resolved. I do think it was indicative of significant change that’s been happening. The resolution speaks volumes about the respect for artists moving forward in this changing landscape.

Source: Variety

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