Lynda Carter Teases ‘Wonder Woman 3’ and Potential Return

Wonder Woman 1984 was one of those films that got hit the hardest by the ongoing pandemic, shifting multiple release dates before becoming the first simultaneous release for HBO Max. It gave us a new look at the popular heroine while also paying tribute to the franchise’s past, as the film teased the legendary Amazon warrior, Asteria. We’d see Diana don her armor to face Cheetah in the finale before Lynda Carter would cameo as the famous warrior. She doesn’t appear until the end of the film as a great nod to fans of the original Wonder Woman series.

Her inclusion also opened up the possibility of her story continuing in the fast-tracked third entry of the franchise. In a recent interview, Lynda Carter teased director Patty Jenkin’s vision for the next installment and potentially her involvement.

Its called love is human and divine, and I think that is what we see in each other, bringing it full circle back here to your question. That is what you see, and what I see in Gal’s performance, in Pattys vision. Patty, Patty Jenkins for her Wonder Woman 1, Wonder Woman 2, and what her vision will be for Wonder Woman 3, which will be full of surprises and things that I can never reveal. Things I dont know actually, ’cause she never tells!

Lynda Carter

Could we see the return of Carters Asteria? Perhaps the sequel will see her fighting alongside Gadot’s Diana Prince. Fans are eager to see what director Patty Jenkins has in store for Diana’s next solo outing. After being away from Themyscira, it may be time for her to return and face her destiny. Either way, we’re sure she’ll bring her A-game for what could be her final film in the Wonder Woman franchise.

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