‘Ahsoka’ Release Date May Have Been Revealed

Lucasfilm’s next Star Wars streaming series, Ahsoka, has been slated for an August release since Star Wars Celebration 2023. However, as Bob Iger‘s return to Disney has slowed the roll of the company’s big hitters on its streaming service, it’s been tough to pin down exact release dates…until recently. Kevin Feige just revealed when the next two Marvel Studios’ series, Loki and Echo, would hit Disney Plus and now it seems the release date for Ahsoka may have made its way out into the world, although not intentionally.

In a page now unavailable, Disney Movie Insiders indicated that Ahsoka is scheduled to premiere on Disney Plus on August 31st. Of course, on the internet nothing is ever truly gone and a screenshot of the information was captured before it was taken down.

Disney Plus has been releasing Star Wars and Marvel Studios on Wednesdays for some time and August 31st is a Thursday but there’s some reason to believe the date for Ahsoka might be accurate. Feige’s recent release of the start dates for Loki and Echo revealed that those Marvel Studios series will drop on Disney Plus on Fridays. With Loki set to debut on August 6th, Ahsoka’s last 3 episodes would run concurrently with Loki’s first 3 episodes (assuming both of the shows are releasing one episode per week). By moving Ahsoka to Thursday and running Loki on Friday, Disney Plus original series would more often than not dominate the weekend discourse on social media. We’ll continue to monitor the situation but until Lucasfilm releases the date officially, don’t etch it into your stone calendars just yet.

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