RUMOR: ‘Persona 3 Remake’ May Finally be Unveiled in Next Month’s Xbox Showcase

persona 3 remake

It looks like the upcoming PlayStation Showcase won’t have anything for Atlus fans if a new rumor is anything to go by. When it was finally announced that PlayStation is back to showcase its future line-up, there was some hope (personally) that we’d finally get a good look at what the future of the Persona series looks like. After the sixth installment was a no-show during its 25th anniversary, it seemed like the perfect time to share it. Yet, it seems a new rumor is hinting at a different direction for Atlus’ reveal.

Oddly enough, Resetera has become the main source for any future sight on what Persona fans can expect from the franchise, as not even Atlus has been willing to drop any real hints. Im A Hero Too, who previously shared that the Persona 3 Remake exists long before the first hint of it leaked online, has seemingly shared that we should expect a showcase of the game on June 11th, which is when the Xbox Showcase will take place.

The “It’ll be Evoke-itive” is the big reveal that it’s P3 related. Of course, this isn’t a confirmation that we’ll definitely see something and they might still have a tease of some kind in the upcoming PlayStation Showcase. This move also would highlight Atlus’ strategy of going beyond its PlayStation roots, and it doesn’t mean that Persona 6, which is also seemingly in development for some kind, wouldn’t also be a PlayStation exclusive.

It would be quite the double-hit with a first tease for the sixth installment as part of PlayStation’s showcase with a limited exclusive release similar to Final Fantasy VII Remake. In the meantime, they can keep fans happy on other consoles with a remake of Persona 3, which had the smallest amount of effort put into its remaster earlier this year. For now, it gives us at least a potential timeline on when we might expect something from this franchise for now.

Source: Resetera, Xbox

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