Anthony Mackie on Potential Captain America Appearance in ‘Thunderbolts’

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D23 gave us quite the surprise showcase of its roster for its first villain-focused team-up film, Thunderbolts. While it is surprisingly dominated by Black Widow characters and super soldiers, there still was something interesting about what direction they might be taking in this project. There also was the question of why this team assembled, and it seems Variety thought they’d use the chance to see if perhaps Anthony Mackie has a role in the film.

He doesn’t outright deny anything but mostly because he has “no idea” and jokingly states that they could call him at any time to join the production. It looks like planning around these projects isn’t as simple as one might think but he’s likely also going to be quite busy on Captain America: New World Order soon as well.

I have no idea. You know how it works. They call you the week before and are like, “We own your ass. Come get in the movie.”

Anthony Mackie

In some ways, his potential inclusion would mostly be due to Bucky. They had a close relationship in Falcon and the Winter Soldier, and it highlighted just how well they work off of each other. So, it would be a shame not to continue that dynamic but it does make sense if they are trying to move away and give each their own story before they are forced to work together again. There’s no confirmation yet if Bucky will join the Captain America sequel. So, we’ll have to wait and see once more information becomes clear.

Source: Variety

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