‘Iron Fist’ Star Open to Return in a ‘Heroes for Hire’ Series

iron fist return

There have been many theories on what the future has in store for the Netflix Marvel characters. Not only did Charlie Cox and Vincent D’Onofrio returned to play their iconic characters from Daredevil, but they also got their very own series heading to Disney+ in 2024. With theories abound about others returning, it seems former Danny Rand, Finn Jones, is also down to return.

In an interview with ComicBook.com, the actor revealed that he’s definitely down to play the character from Iron Fist again. He even has an idea how he’d like to see him return and that would be in a TV series based around the Heroes for Hire, especially to get another chance to work alongside Mike Colter.

I would love to continue playing that character. I think there’s a lot of room for growth. Personally, where I would like to see the reintroduction of the character would be something like a Heroes for Hire TV series. I think that would be the most dynamic and fun way to reintroduce those characters. I loved working with Mike and I loved the on-screen chemistry between Danny and Luke. I think it’s a really interesting creative place that show can be taken in. I’d love to pick up that mantle again and keep moving this character forward and make the best possible Iron Fist there could be.

Finn Jones

Of all the Netflix series, it’s easy to say that Iron Fist was definitely the most controversial. Outside of the initial reactions to the casting, there were also a lot of discussions surrounding its quality, at least in its first season. Scott Buck infamously has a bad track record and concerns grew when he was set to showrun the first season; which he’d continue to prove with Inhumans.

It wasn’t until Raven Metzner took over in its second season that the project was given any momentum. It wasn’t able to give us a shot at more due to Netflix ending its deal with Marvel but it did leave the character in an interesting direction.

Source: ComicBook.com

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