Mohamed Diab Reveals Cut ‘Moon Knight’ Scene That was “Oscar-Worthy”

moon knight cut scene

Sadly, not everything makes it into a final cut of a project due to pacing issues or something just doesn’t work as well as planned. In an interview with The Hollywood reporter, Moon Knight director Mohamed Diab talks about that exact kind of scene which sadly ended up on the cutting room floor, which he believes includes an “Oscar-worthy performance” by lead Oscar Isaac.

I think he would say that I was just encouraging him, but I always tell him, ‘You’re going to win everything,’ because he is always great. He’s a genius actor. The irony is that my favorite scene of his got cut. It was in episode six. As great as everything else was, he actually topped it with something even better. He confronted his mom in a white void, and he was going back and forth between Marc and Steven. And oh my god. That scene by itself is an Oscar-worthy performance. Hopefully, Marvel releases that scene one day because Oscar was a genius.

Mohamed Diab

Considering how heartbreaking the moments were between Steven and Marc, especially when it came to their mother, it definitely would’ve been a powerful moment to see them confront their mother. The praise that Oscar Isaac is getting is also a great showcase of just how involved he was with the project and the investment he gave going in.

Here’s still hoping that he’ll return for a second season to build upon the mystery from the post-credit sequence, which would give him even more possibility to show off his acting skills. The finale showed the actor easily swapping between his different DID alters, which was quite impressive from an acting perspective and also highlights what drew him to tackle this project from the get-go.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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