Unused Designs of ‘Moon Knight’s Mr. Knight Find its Way Online

mr knight design

It’s not uncommon that Marvel Studios’ projects go through various stages of production, and also many versions of designs are played around with before they end up with the design we see in the final series. It looks like Moon Knight had gone through quite a few stages, as artist Raphael Imhotep shared a few designs from Mr. Knigh that he was involved in within its earliest stages of production.

He goes on to share that he was influenced by the anime Naruto when adding some additional details to the suit, especially in how it ties to visualize Khonshu “binding” him to the design.

He did praise the work that went into the version that would find its way to Disney+, but highlights that he wasn’t credited for his work yet was at least paid. Considering he was in the earlier stages of its development, that may be the reason why he didn’t get any direct credit.

They seemingly used elements from his design but added even more details, such as the crack on the mask and the detailing on the shirt. It’s always fascinating to get ta look at just how many different versions these designs go through, though it’s a shame w lost the hoodie which would’ve added a nice charm to his look.

Source: Instagram

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