DC Celebrates Lunar New Year With New Posters for ‘The Batman’, ‘The Flash’, And More

DC celebrates the Lunar New Year with a set of new posters including ‘The Batman’, ‘The Flash’, ‘Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom’ and More.
batman poster

The new Lunar New Year has arrived and DC released a set of new posters to celebrate the occasion, which includes all their upcoming projects from The Batman to League of Superpets. It includes the fan-favorite heroes with some added fun spin to celebrate the new occasion. The first poster includes the upcoming release of The Batman with Robert Pattinson throwing coins instead of his classic Batarangs.

Batman, The Batman logo

There’s also a poster for Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom with the ruler of Atlantis surrounded by koi.

Aquaman 2 Poster

Barry Allen is known for eating as much as he can due to all the calories he burns while running at superspeed. So, The Flash poster is fittingly featuring Allen with some snacks.

The Flash, The Flash logo

Dwayne Johnson is ready for a celebration in the new poster, which is curiously the most detached from the upcoming film’s design. Or, he might have hair at some point in the story.

Black Adam, Black Adam logo

Last, but not least, is the League of Superpets featuring Krypto. It’s curious that it only includes him and not the rest of the cast, but the trailer has been highlighting


The posters are great, and it seems like a yearly tradition to celebrate the Lunar New Year with a set of new posters. We’ve seen Marvel Studios do something similar last year for Eternals and Black Widow. The integration of traditional Chinese elements is a nice touch.

Source: Weibo via The Direct, The Direct

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