‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’s Matt Murdock Gets a New Funko

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Spider-Man: No Way Home was a major release back in 2020, as it not only brought back one of Marvel’s most iconic characters to the silver screen but also acted as a gateway into the multiverse storyline of the new Marvel Cinematic Universe saga. Yet, the film managed to be so much more than that with some great performances from the MCU characters and those that made their grand return from past entries of the many iterations this franchise has seen.

Somehow, in a film with Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire, it does seem like the return of Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock stole the show. Not only was it the first time the actor made his cinematic appearance but it also finally added some weight to the Netflix series happening. It seems the character is going to make a return ahead of his new Disney+ series, as a new Funko has been unveiled for the character inspired by his look in the film.

Matt Murdock always had a signature style and it’s great to see the love put into bringing his Funko to life. It’s not the first one from Cox‘s version of the character but it’s still something fans will definitely want to get their hands on. It’s also interesting that a whole line of new figurines is coming out from Spider-Man: No Way Home, especially for those that haven’t gotten one due to Sony trying its best to stay tight-lipped on their appearance in the film. The Funko is a limited edition over at Entertainment Earth so get it while its hot.

Source: Entertainment Earth

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