Anthony Mackie Wants to Spend Time in ‘Blade’s World

anthony mackie blade

Marvel Studios is about t expand in many different ways. They finally started their new venture into Disney+ with WandaVision and the upcoming The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. There is also the exploration of a darker side of the Marvel Cinematic Universe with Moon Knight and Blade. Especially the latter opens up a whole new avenue for the franchise. In the latest press event for the second Disney+ show, Falcon’s Anthony Mackie was asked what future project he is most excited about, and he then revealed that he wants to be involved with

I would really like to, Kevin, spend some time in Blade world.

Anthony Mackie and Mahershala Ali would make for a fantastic duo in the MCU, which could be the focus of a future project. They wouldn’t introduce the vampire hunter without any plans for a crossover.  I do love how he points out to Kevin Feige what he wants to happen. It’s going to be interesting how Blade’s world will get introduced into the MCU. We haven’t seen anything related to vampires yet, so they could be a rather new introduction t this world. In the comics, vampires were created through the Darkhold, so they could focus strongly on the magical connection. It wouldn’t be surprising for an Avenger to get involved once they start noticing more attacks. So, it is only a question of time before they start getting heavily involved in the more supernatural world of the MCU.

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