Leaked ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ LEGO Set Leaked Featuring Gorr and Mysterious Creature

thor love and thunder lego

You never know when some things just find their way online faster than others. Instagram user the.brick.wolf has shared a brand new LEGO set for the upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder film, which includes the two Thors fighting Gorr and a mysterious monster. The title seems to be “Attack on New Asgard” but no word on what exactly the strange creature is in the background with bat wings for ears and crab-like craws. You can see it here:

It’s interesting how a random LEGO set, which hasn’t been announced yet has found its way to the Istanbul Airport. Keep in mind, LEGO sets don’t always reflect what happens in the films – most famously is the Iron Man 3 misdirect – but it’s a curious addition and continues to highlight that New Asgard might be at the center of the final battle.

There’s still a lot we don’t know about the film which is eyeing a release in July, but that’s a good thing. Somehow Taika Waititi was able to keep quite a few interesting details under wraps and we’ll see what surprises they might have in store for us. The Guardians are interestingly absent from any marketing, which makes you wonder how much they’ll be featured in the story. For now, we can only see what heads our way.

Source: Instagram

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