RUMOR: ‘The Mandalorian’ Season 3 Production Postponed Indefinitely Due to Omicron Concerns

mandalorian season 3 production

There have been growing concerns that the COVID Omicrom variant might hit harder than previous versions, as some countries are preparing for lockdowns. As such, it seems a new report by Bespin Bulletin has revealed that The Mandalorian’s third season production may have halted production. They report that there were no issues on set and no one involved was affected by the virus, but they wanted “to be on the safe side.” Cases have been on the rise, and reports that Star Trek: Picard was affected may have added some concerns.

The production seemed to have started back in September with March being its potential end date. Yet, as it’s now currently halted production, they may focus primarily on post-production work until numbers go down again. There is no word on when they might restart production, as such they’ll have to wait, but it’s a good sign if this is the case that Lucasfilm and everyone involved is prioritizing the production team’s health. We’ll see if this news gets confirmed at some point later down the line.

Source: Bespin Bulletin

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