Latest ‘Secret Invasion’ Set Photo Includes ‘Hawkeye’ Connection

secret invasion set photo

We’ve known for some time that Secret Invasion has been busy filming in the United Kingdom. Just recently, set photos have found their way from Halifax, where a secretive shooting location was leaked online through some behind-the-scenes photos. We’ve had a few set photos find their way online for some time now, but a brand new one includes a curious Hawkeye connection.

Twitter user @Roxmanoff shared a new photo from the production that includes a reference to the Rogers musical that highlights “Coming to the West End.” That is a reference to the famous London theater location, which is a new hint at another location that is part of the series globetrotting Skrull hunt. You can check it here:

At this point, the Rogers musical has appeared in Spider-Man: No Way Home and two Disney+ series. It’s a fun connection across the universe and hopefully, they might also add more elements like these that create more visual connections, especially as the franchise starts expanding into multiple storylines that may or may not interconnect moving forward.

Source: Twitter

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