Bad Bunny Hops Off Sony’s ‘El Muerto’

The announcement by Sony that they were developing an El Muerto project fans sent the dozens of fans of their Spider-Man cinematic universe without a Spider-Man to Google to learn just who the masked man was. After analyzing the brief Wikipedia entry, everyone remained confused as to why the film was in development other than as a vehicle for multi-hyphenate star Bad Bunny. Sony hoped that BB’s reach would generate enough interest to carry the project. Now, shortly after the film was scratched from Sony’s slate, further bad news has dropped.

According to Big Screen Leaks, Bad Bunny has chosen to leave El Muerto.

As BSL explains it, Bad Bunny‘s desire to continue touring plus the delays caused by the ongoing WGA strike combined to drive the star away from the project. However, despite Sony initially developing the project because of Bad Bunny, they are apparently–for reasons none of us will ever be able to come to understand–looking to recast the role and keep the project alive! What a world! While it would seem best for everyone to let El Muerto die, Sony has often continued to choose the road much less traveled, sometimes even opting to travel roads that nobody really wants to go down…or even know exist.

Source: OTN

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