Official Description of Marvel Studios Disney Plus Day Presentation Promises New Project Announcements

The first ever Disney Plus Day is almost here and thanks to the Disney Plus Day Fact Sheet (which can be located here), Marvel Studios fans can officially get excited. The Marvel Studios presentation, which will become available on Disney Plus at 8:45 AM PT/11:45 PM PT, is said to be a look at the past, present and future of the studio’s content on the streaming service and promises not only a look at some upcoming projects, but also announcements of new, future projects.

Of the known upcoming streaming series, fans have only seen footage of Ms. Marvel and that was nearly one year ago during Disney’s Investor Day. It’s possible that D+ Day could give fans a sizzle reel or trailer for She-Hulk and/or Moon Knight, which have completed production, and a perhaps a look at Secret Invasion, which is currently in production.

As far as new announcements go, the presentation could involve giving an official announcement to Echo and Werewolf By Night, two projects we know are happening and expected to go into production early next year but have not been addressed yet by Marvel Studios, and an update on Season 2 of Loki. We could also get information about the recently revealed Agatha Harkness spinoff and some clarification on what to expect from the discussed Wakanda-related spinoffs.

It looks like November 12th is going to be a jam-packed day full of exciting news for fans of Marvel Studios!

Source: Disney

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