First Look at ‘Marvel’s Avengers’ Take on Spider-Man

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The wait has been long but the wait is finally over. Marvel’s Avengers has unveiled their design of the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. We got a brief tease during the last developer stream from Crystal Dynamics, but it was all just a built-up to the official first look getting released. They did confirm we’ll get a look at various in-game skins of the character in the next developer stream.

The character has been teased quite a bit, but this is our first true look at the character. Luckily, it seems that the wait for our first look at the character in action won’t be long either, as they also confirmed that we’ll get our first trailer tomorrow from IGN. The wait has been quite long but it’s great that he’s finally releasing. Sadly, he’ll remain a PlayStation exclusive, but that might also be why he is described as a hero event rather than as an Operation like previous entries. It makes you wonder if there are story elements, they will still be selectable through the operations menu to replay it.

Source: Twitter, Twitter (Trailer)

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