‘Barry’s Anthony Carrigan Joins ‘Superman: Legacy’ as Metamorpho

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Seems like James Gunn has been quite a busy casting for his upcoming film Superman Legacy. While all eyes were on who exactly would end up taking on the role of Superman and Lois Lane, he has been quietly gathering some other DC Comics heroes that’ll have an unknown role in the project. Recently, it was revealed that Edi Gathegi, Nathan Fillion, and Isabela Merced have joined the production in some familiar roles to comic fans. Now, one more has been added to the list.

The Hollywood Reporter has revealed that the classic character of Rex Mason, better known as Metamorpho, has joined the cast. He will be played by Anthony Carrigan, who recently had a standout role in the HBO series Barry and even showed up in the DC series Gotham. So, he’s not new to the world of heroes.

Seems these announcements and finalized casting choices are being made with the SAG-AFTRA strike on the horizon. The film is set to release on July 11th, 2025 but if the strike moves forward, they’ll have to push back the release quite a bit as they were eyeing a production start early next year. With some time to go, who knows what else might happen by then as well.

The big question is what role these heroic characters will have. Who knows if they are an actual integral part of the story, which would be a shame given the importance of giving Superman his own film that is less pure set-up but an introduction to this new world. It makes you wonder if Gunn is more focused on setting up his new DC Cinematic Universe but it’s a given as he’s the CEO of DC Studios and the director/writer of the first “true” entry in the franchise.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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